The bathroom is one of the most frequently visited areas of your home. Therefore, it is essential that it is well organized and properly maintained.

However, keeping the bathroom organized can be quite tough if it is too small.

Here is a look at some of the bathroom storage ideas for people who have limited space available in their bathroom:

A Shelf above the Door

People often do not pay any attention to the space that is available above their bathroom door. Installing a shelf right above the door allows you to store items that you use regularly in the bathroom. These items include spare towels, wet-wipes, and toilet paper, etc.

Ladder Shelves

Ladder shelves are effective since they allow you to store towels and linens. In addition to that, they also add to the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Vertical Towel Bars

You also have the option of installing multiple vertical towel bars either on the back of your bathroom door or on any of the unused areas of your bathroom.

You can never have too many towels in the bathroom and these vertical bars ensure that towels are always present.

Metal File Box

A metal file box is another place where you can store electronic items that you use in the bathroom. It is extremely important to make sure that these items are stored in the right place.

Either you have the option of mounting the box at the back of the bathroom door or you can mount it at the side of the sink as well.

Spice Racks

Don’t have a medicine cabinet? No problem! What you can do in such cases is that you can mount a spice rack on your bathroom wall and use it to organize all of your cosmetic items.

Hanging Shower Caddie

A hanging shower caddie is quite effective in homes, which have bathrooms with limited space. This particular item has all the features that you would require. These features include:

  • Adjustable baskets
  • Removable soap dishes
  • Hooks which can hold razors and loofahs

Shower Rods

Do you need additional space in your bathroom for storing towels and clothes? Shower rods can help in this regard. These chrome colored rods are effective since they give your bathroom a modern look and make it look appealing.

You also have the option of remodeling your bathroom in order to create more space. According to statistics, the vast majority of home renovation projects involve bathroom remodeling.

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Short On Space? Here Are A Few Bathroom Storage Options for Your Consideration

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