According to statistics, back in the year 2016, homeowners spent more than five thousand dollars on average on home improvement.

One of the dilemmas that homeowners face when they decide to make changes to their homes is if they should remodel or rebuild their homes.

Home improvement projects can be quite costly and you want to make sure that you make the right decision. Here is a look at some of the situations where your house will need to be rebuilt and when remodeling is enough:

Rebuilding Is Effective In The Long Term

The process of rebuilding involves destroying the current structure and building a new one completely from the scratch. When compared to remodeling, it is a much more costly option.

However, this is a much more preferable option if you plan to stay in the same house in the foreseeable future. All the components of your house have a shelf life for example the paint in the exterior part of your house might peel away after about seven years.

Rebuilding is effective since it allows you to set back the clock on your house for example if you have a house that has been around for forty years and you just recently had it rebuilt. If you sell the house after fifteen years, that house will be considered fifteen years old.

Rebuilding the house is also an effective way for homeowners to increase their house’s curb value. Potential buyers are very conscious about the age of the house and rebuilding can help increase the chances of your house being sold at a higher price.

Remodeling Is Ideal For People On A Limited Budget

For people who are on a budget, remodeling is the best option. There are certain areas of your house that might require immediate attention like your bathroom.

When it comes to remodeling, you can wait for some time before moving on to the other area of your house when you have the money available.

One advantage that remodeling has over rebuilding is that in remodeling all the components of the house are already present and all that the homeowners need to do is make updates and necessary adjustments.

The Condition Of The House

Before homeowners decide to get their homes remodeled, they need to take into account the condition of their homes.

Sometimes the changes that homeowners want to make to their homes are not always possible within the existing structure.

For example, homeowners might feel that the ceiling of their home is too low and they want to raise it. However, that is not possible if there’s no additional space above. Remodeling is also not effective if the foundation of the structure is weak.

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Remodel Or Rebuild? Here’s How To Decide

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