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Closets and wardrobes usually come either out-of-the-box (hello DIY-ers), or built-in with the home you buy or rent.

So, not many people get the chance to custom design their own wardrobe. If you have the opportunity to do so, grab onto it with both hands and use the following information on what your closet needs to piece together the best wardrobe a person could have.

What Does the Perfect Wardrobe Need?

The Right Dimensions

There’s nothing more infuriating than a hanger that just doesn’t fit. When considering storage space, determine the width of your clothes so the depth of that space can be just right. Most items like shirts, jackets and coats etc. can fit within a 24 inch depth. But clothing such as jeans and pants, folded shirts and sweaters and skirts etc. would need more space so they don’t become scrunched up.

Single and Double-Hang Sections

Maximize the storage space you have. Do you own some large jackets or winter coats? Hang them in the bottom double-hang section.

For evening gowns, skirts and dresses, use the single-hang space. Hanging your clothes will ensure that there are no creases or unnecessary folds.

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Utilized Corners

Usually, corners are used for double or single hanging sections, but you can specify a special place for your purses and suitcases. Your main goal is to use as much space as possible.

By putting your purses and suitcases in those corners, you’ll be able to utilize a seamless design for your closet without making the section seem awkward.

A Proper Shoe Rack

You can never have too much space for your wardrobe. Instead of strewing your shoes about, you can place them comfortably in their own space.

Just measure your size to ensure that there’s enough space for them. Men’s shoes usually need 6-10½ space whereas women need 5-10 inches of space. But to be on the safe side, try to have enough space in those racks so that there’s at least 12 inches of space for each pair.

A Section for Accessories

Belt and tie racks, jewelry drawers, watch drawer – there’s so much that needs its own space in your wardrobe. But instead of using extra space, have the dead space around the walls fitted and in the island as well (if you have one). Use that space for your handbags, purses and briefcase and the island for the drawers for your trinkets and accessories.

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Here’s What Your Wardrobe Actually Needs!

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